The Academy

The Academy is a ‘school’ where the best and brightest are recruited to learn to be gunslingers. The majority of those selected, never make it through the training. Most drop out. Some die. Others just don’t have the talent or skill and are thrown out.

The Academy isn’t only physical training. Students are taught Brinewall law. They also educated in the laws of surrounding lands. Other basic skills are included as well. Creativity and problem solving are highly prized at The Academy. Not all students are overly creative, but they all learn to become master problem solvers.

Most graduates from The Academy are hired on as constabulary or peace keepers in Brinewall and the surrounding valley. These individuals are allowed to carry black powder arms. A few, very high rated graduates go on to become Justicars. Justicars are wondering magistrates that bring/enforce law around the entire valley. Justicars generally carry two heavy caliber pistols, with ammunition made with the smokeless powder that is only found in Brinewall. Justicars are considered judge, jury, and executioner. Their word is final. Justicars generally answer to each other and the Brinewall council (if working in the valley). If a charge is brought up against a Justicar, it can only be handled by another Justicar or the Council. It is very rare for the council to interfere with a Justicar. Few Justicars to ‘bad’ because there is only one punishment for a Justicar, death.

Some of those who would be Justicars, hire out to other cities, countries, organizations. They are hired as wondering peace keepers, military leaders, special guardians, or even assassins. The Academy does excellent business hiring out older students as specialized mercenaries. The mercs come at a very high price. If they return, they continue their studies. If not, they are simply considered failures or drop-outs.

A few simply wonder the world. Wherever they go, the weapons of a gunslinger mark them as a force to be reckoned with, if not feared. The highly trained Academy graduates are known and respected almost wherever they tread.

The Academy

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