Brinewall received its name from the slow flow of water from the Steam river and a slight backflow from Bunyip Bay. The relatively flat land between Stormunder lake and Bunyip Bay means that the Steam river flows quite slowly towards the bay. Strong currents from the Steaming Sea into Bunyip Bay causes the salt water to actually mix with the river water at the river outlet. The end result is this: the river water East of Brinewall is slow flowing fresh water; the water West of Brinwall is usually quite choppy and salty (briny). This effect prevents a proper delta from forming, but the land is rich and fertile none the less.

Brinewall is the unofficial capital of the area called (by some) the Brinewall Valley. This valley occupies the area south of the Steam river all the way to the ‘wall’ of mountains to the South. The Eastern end of the valley is Lake Stormunder.

The valley is dotted with many settlements due to it’s rich soil and easy access to trade routes via the river, the bay, and many natural passages through the mountain ranges. Most of these settlements are no larger than villages or small towns. Brinewall itself is the only settlement in the valley that could be called a ‘city’.

Brinewall city is perfectly located at the mouth of Bunyip Bay. With fertile lands and excellent water access, it’s no wonder that the city grew as quickly as it did. The city is most famous for ‘The Academy’ (see below). Brinewall is nominally ruled by a forum of councilors. It is perfectly self sustainable, but has easy access to trade routes. This makes Brinewall a very affluent city. Between this affluence and the Justicars from The Academy, Brinewall enjoys a very low crime rate. Criminals are generally sentenced to labor that benefits the city and surrounding areas. Dangerous criminals rarely survive the ‘visit’ from the Justicars. Those who do survive, are sentenced to the most difficult labor (powder mines, sewer clearing… etc).

Citizens work in many different industries like fishing, trading, mining, farming, and ship-building. One of the most dangerous jobs is working the powder mines. This smokeless powder is what makes the Justicars’ pistols superior to other firearms that rely on black powder. The powder miners are a rough & tumble lot, and they are proud of what they do to support the Academy’s gunslingers. In truth, the students at The Academy have learned to take black powder and mix it with other semi-common substances to make smokeless powder. This synthetic powder is less efficient then the powder from the mines (it generates more heat and slightly less force). But this allows a traveling Justicar to make his own ammo in a pinch (Justicars carry the molds and hand presses needed to make ammunition while away from home).


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